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CVDBC Mentor Card

The prize card is the four of Hearts
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2016 AGM

October 20, @ 4:30 (after the Thursday game)
Please consider putting your name forward!
Nominate your candidates now or at the AGM

Important information to be read BEFORE the AGM!!!
You will be voting on this, so please read it carefully
Terms of Reference
Minutes of 2015 AGM

Positions available:

Club Manager
Member at Large (2)
Unit Representative

Please send your nominations or your name for the position
you would be willing to fill to:

Special Games at the Club
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October Half Hour Lessons with Jack Bradshaw
Thursdays at 12:00 noon
at the Lion's Den

Jack will be offering half hour lessons this fall on a range of topics.
The cost is $5, but does include free play on the lesson day.
You do not have to pre-register, however, if you wish to get a handout of the lesson, please sign up at the club, or email Jack at

Lesson 5, Thurs Oct 6 at 12:00 noon
Responding to 1NT

Almost everyone plays Stayman and transfers over 1NT.
I will discuss subsequent bids and responding to 1NT with a long minor.

Lesson 6, Thurs Oct 13 12:00 noon
Defence Play

  • Declarer plays a small card towards K??? in dummy.Should I fly with the Ace, or hold up?

  • Leading the 4th suit or forcing declarer to ruff, which is best?

  • Recognizing when a trump lead is the best defence.

  • Some hands call for an active defence, others a passive defence.

  • What I mean by active and passive defence and how one decides which option to choose.

  • We will look at sample hands covering each topic.


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    2/1 lessons begin again on October 18, at 1:00 pm
    They will be twice per week, Tues aft and Thurs morn.
    If you are interested, please contact


    Have a look at Mike Lawrence's Bridgeclues site!

    "Learn to Play Bridge" web application software


    In 2005, Fred Gitelman developed a Learn to Play Bridge software downloaded over 100,000 times.
    In 2013, the ACBL updated the software to accommodate advancing technology and new devices.

    • Instantly start playing bridge with robots powered by BridgeBase
    • Test your skills with over a thousand hands on Finesses, Stayman, Fourth Best Leads and more
    • Check your ACBL masterpoints with new rank badges and full color masterpoints

    Registration and use of the entire site is free, and can be shared with friends and family.

    Check out the new web application software at:   



    Remember Zero Tolerance!

    Be nice to your partner!
    They're the only other player in the room who actually WANTS you to win!

    Please call the Director to the table if a player is nasty either to you, your partner or to their partner.
    Remember ... if you don't call the Director, you're condoning bad behaviour
    It won't stop until you take the responsibility of letting the person know you don't like it!
    Call the Director

    Unless announced otherwise, there will be a
    regular team game on the 5th Monday of the month

    We have lots of exciting things planned for the year with special events, socials, and great bridge.

    Please email me with your questions, ideas and concerns

    See you at the club!
    Comox Valley Duplicate Bridge Club
    1729 Comox Avenue
    V9M 3M2
    (Under the museum & art gallery)
    (250) 338-2544

    Our duplicate bridge club holds ACBL sanctioned games
    every Monday evening at 7:00 and on Thursday afternoon at 1:00

    On the 3rd Thursday of each month from October till May, we offer 2-hour lessons at the club for a mere $5.00. Come out at 10:00 a.m. and bring a lunch or pop over to d'Esterre Senior Centre for a marvelous lunch for next to nothing!
    We would like you to pre-register so that we know how many handouts to print. Please feel free to come out if you haven't registered, but you may not get a handout.
    These sessions are provided by our expert players, our directors, and our teachers. Come on out and see what you can learn! If you know it all, come on out and give a lesson!

    We have a great time at our club and many life-long friendships have developed here. We have bridge players from all walks of life and of all playing levels. We offer a guaranteed partnership, so if you're from out of town and don't have a partner or if your regular partner is unavailable, you don't have to worry ... we'll find one for you.